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Over the last sixteen years, Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp has been allowing musicians and enthusiasts alike the once in a lifetime opportunity to jam with legendary rock stars, play live on stage at major concert venues, and live their rock 'n' roll dreams. Until now, the camp has only been open to adults; now, with the introduction of the RRFC Young Rockers Program, young adults between the ages of 12 and 16 can now live the dream at Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp! Whether your child has been playing for six months or 8 years, we'll have him or her jamming with rock and roll icons and learning from the best in the business! At the end of the program, the young rockers will perform live at a major venue in front of a packed crowd! The transformational power of music combined with the exhilarating experience of playing live will be evident in all areas of your child's life immediately.

RRFC Young Rockers Program is available during any of our Upcoming Camps.

The RRFC Young Rockers Program is designed for mature, young musicians with a desire and passion to play music. At our weekend camps, the Young Rockers Program starts on Saturday and ends on Sunday with a concert.

The Concert:
On the final day of camp, the young rockers will join our adult Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp participants for a live show at a major venue. Each band performs a set list of its choosing. Just to be clear, this won't be a "school choir" like-type concert....RRFC shows are full out, fist pumping, rock concerts! You'll earn full "my child is a Rock Star" bragging rights.


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