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You On Stage with RockStars! Jam, Rehearse, Write, Record and Perform with Today's Top Touring Rockers!

We have 3 Distinct Experiences for you to choose from:
Destination Camps with Big name Rock Stars that run 3-5 days, Rock Star For A Day Experience in Los Angeles or a Corporate Team-Building Experience for your company! They All Rock Big Time!

As a participant in a Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp™ 3-5 Day Destination Camp , you'll be placed in a band with a Rock Star counselor, learn or perfect your knowledge of an instrument, write, record and perform an original song with your band, get schooled by Rock and Roll's greatest talents, and perform live on stage at a major venue in front of your family and friends! Most participants have some musical skills ranging from beginner, to intermediate to master. We will group you accordingly. We also offer a Young Rockers group for ages 12 -16. See our line-up of Rock Stars in our menu of our upcoming camps.

As a participant in a Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp™ Rock Star For A Day Experience , choose a session from 90 minutes and up at our state-of-the-art rehearsal studios in Los Angeles, right off the Sunset strip! Participate in a jam session with our famed artists and in-house musicians. Play the songs you love in a VIP private rehearsal room with your own roadie! Come alone, or bring a group of friends. From complete beginner to master, we customize your experience!

When you book a Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp™ Corporate Team-Building Program, your group will participate in a unique and cutting edge team building experience that engages them as they write and perform an original (well known) song about your company's product or service, values, goals and message. Your organization will be motivated and energized as they effortlessly gravitate away from problem-based thinking and move towards resolutions, success and an action-oriented mindset through the power of rock 'n' roll. The Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp method delivers lasting results every time and is guaranteed to impact your company in the most memorable, innovative and creative way while having a ton of fun at the same time! These events can be held anywhere and be customized to your liking. No musical experience is required.

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